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I personally own a mac. I have used Pc all my life. I've studied them and gotten my A+ certifications and went for my MCSE. I used to hav to install my families computer when they purchased it. Now install meaning. Get all the plugs in the right place, turn on and install all the drivers, then reboot, then install the anti-virus, then reboot, then install spyware stopper, then reboot, then UNinstall all the added Shit Microsucks puts into its Os, then it will be ready for use. About 40 minutes to get everything just right. What a hassle?.. Guys we are not living in the past, it really is time to get up to date. Everyone seems to complain about, idrive to slow to load up, to many options to go thru to get to this and that.... Then if that's how you feel about idrive why do you own a PC???... PC you have to worry about virus, spyware, drivers, etc.... I mean the the list goes on. Now the famouse and waited upon "vista" has come out now people are saying "wow it looks so cool, wow you get a search button tha's helpfull."... LOl are you seriouse??? REally are you seriouse?... Mac has had that "Search" function quite a while now, and the way it looks? real time weather etc... Mac has had the Expose and the widgets,etc... It just seems as if most were left in the stone age when they see the new search function and everyone is now like "wwwooowww"...I think it's really funny. It's obvious and have been said before in the reviews and in this board, vista is nothing but mac with a microsucks sticker. Most people don't want to switch due to fear. Fear = Unknown. People fear what they do not know. And people who know and used apple and prefer windows, i don't know?

I've never used apple. EVER. I didn't even try to use apple, i heard the reviews and said F@#$ it. I went to the apple store and picked up an imac. NEVER will i have to put up with Microsucks Shit again. It's like the matrix. Everyone is sucked in to knowing only window's and since the world does it, hey i will do it to. I've always been a leader in the things i do. Anything weather it's decided to switch to the left lane when 20 cars are going slow due to one car, or decided to change my look because everyone around me dressed the same, or switched my hair style to someting different that looks good also due to everyone and their mothers having the same style, to finding better routes to places. I've never liked following people. Ever.

Now i know it's personal preference, and mac vs pc is not a matter of which one is better, it's a matter of which one is better for me. I see many downfalls for pc. and it seems as if their looking at mac as a goal to achieve or follow. If you look at mac. Is has it's own unique ways. I love the way i do'nt have to reboot, and worry about the viruses, and the ichat video conference, and the email program, and everything else how easy and modern it is. I'm actually happy that windows came out with their vista, or is it their beta version?.. It's obvious their scared or the new comming thoughts of apple. Well now with the new Mac OS Leapard.... It's pretty much going to be over. Everyone notices how windows tries to be secret about their vista before it came out. didn't want anyone to know it's new changes.. Seems to me their were waiting to make it like mac but with "modern" look and features. When it turned out to be modern 2000. Mac worked on their leapard OS and once good enough they showed it on their Nothing to hide.. Why should they? THey set standards and surpass at it. Their it is. With the timemachine how to can bring back contacts or pictures or documents without haveing to rist your wallpaper or installed programs or having problems later on. I mean it's obvious we are in the 21 century, why still look for something the hard way and slow when everything could be simple?.. The new Os for mac will AGAIN set standards, and Ms will have to again follow and come out with a second edition to catch up. post your opinions. Many will state the obviouse. "I use my computer for games" "Mac doesn't have many games"... Games?.... i mean, isn't that why thier is Playstations and Gamecubes, and Nintendo's, and Xbox, and wii, and.... Are you seriouse?...I do'nt mind playing games on my computer. Heck i'm looking to buy the Doom3 that i never played before but loved doom2. So i'm going to get that. But if i'm concerned about games, i'll buy myself a GAMEconsole. After all that is what they are their for. People sometiems expect the computer games to be extremely perfect... it's a computer?.. that is why they have gameconsoles. THeir you will have MANY choices of games to choose from because... IT'S A GAME CONSOLE... made for video games. My computer is used to internet, music, mail, documents, pictures, videos, and editing... After all i wouldn't bash the xbox that i can't see mydocuments on it, becuase it's a game console not a computer. I wouldn't want to edit my pictures on a playstation because it's a game console. My computer does more than what i want. And now since Microsucks is taking mac ideas, what happend to windows media player and how popular it was... Seems itunes is taken over. Now itunes is popular for Pc. Due to demand on ipod and pc users mac allowed pc to have itunes installed. I'm a mac lover. Does everything i want and more and better. Doesn't take up space, and i do'nt have to install drivers or reboot. 3 cables, mouse ->keyboard->imac->to wall outlet. Press on button, i can start USING my computer.

PS-People who love PC, i'm not bashing, that is my ideas and opinion. My preference and points of views.