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Thanks. Those service bulletins are very helpful. I just picked up my 08 M3 coupe a few weeks ago and now its saying that it wants the brake fluid changed. I am loathe to pay BMW a pile of $$ to do this as bleeding brakes is easy but I don't want to void the o'l warranty.

3 questions,

My car has 18,800 km on it, 300 of which I did. I have some receipts from the BMW dealer that installed some Dinan upgrades for the previous owner and an oil change for $300. This was done around 12,000km. The computer says 7000km left until next oil service which is cool. What I don't have is an invoice for a 1200km service. The previous owner might have had it done and turfed the invoice or he may not have had it done at all. Can BMW tell me the service history of the vehicle and should I go to the dealership or BMWNA online?

Secondly, can I get away with doing any services myself without voiding the warranty or will BMW throw a sh#t fit? I love working on my cars and its half the fun of owning them.

Lastly, what does BMW cover service-wise under the warranty program. I understand that they do an "early" oil change free once a year but then you still have to go back for the "scheduled" one to get the filter changed and the comp reset. Which I imagine you have to pay dearly for. Do they change the brake fluid for free? air filters, anything while under warranty?