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Thanks for the note, I appreciate it. Probably out of luck on finding a '10.

I know I can get a better deal if I work them hard, but I have a great working relationship with my local dealer on both the sales and service side of the equation. To me that is more valuable then an extra $1,000 on a purchase. I don't mind if they make a fair profit on me.

I get great service from my local dealer and want them to keep me at the top of their most valued customer list to get me the car I want when I want it and to take care of any issues that arise when I need service (like the time they delivered a new E46 M3 to me and it had Continental tires on it instead of Michelins which I prefer, they swapped them for me for free no questions asked the same day, or the time I asked them to put after market ceramic pads on one of my X5s and the vendor sent the wrong size; they disassembled and re assembled the rear brakes for me for free and didnt charge me a cent even though it wasn't their fault), etc. They will come to my house and pickup my car for service, they will return it to my house if I'm out of town or just cannot make it to their store when they're done, they let me take their new cars for the weekend if I need a longer test drive (had their X5M demo last weekend to decide which seats to order for my '11 X5M), they give me their first allocations for new models and will order cars for me without deposits or even a signed purchase agreement, etc. If I didn't have a good relationship with them and viewed it as just another transaction then I would shop every deal to the last penny, but in this case they make my life easy and appreciate my business and I see more value in the service.
Just my $.02

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Good luck w/ your search! BTW, if you use one of the salespeople who is a board sponsor on Bimmerfest, you can get a better deal on a new M3 than what your describing above.