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$600+ with $25k down seems off, but who knows.
difference = $30k
minus down of $25k
=$5k of depreciation over term of lease

Leaving $5k of depreciation (if you paid MSRP), plus interest on $48k ($73-$25) for two years at say 5% should be about $4800 totL plus $5k of depreciation = $9,800/24 or about $400/month.

You must have rolled negative equity from another car into the lease or paid over MSRP when you bought it of $600+ minus $400 x 24 or $4,800+ of "extra" profit to the dealer or expense.

If you are asking for $10k upfront plus $600 month for 8-9 months, that is equal to $1,711 to 1,850 month for the remaining term of the lease (but I guess a $43k buyout at the end will likely have some value in 8-9 months as I would guess a '09 MDCT will be trading for more than that next fall)

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I understand, and know how much the cars go for. You didn't disclose that you put down 25k on the lease in your listing. Now I see where your coming from. But, jeez, 25k down on a lease and still having a $600+ lease payment doesn't sound right. Anyway, beautiful car and Good luck with your sale.