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First off, let me start by saying I'm a Mac guy. 3 out of the last 4 computers I've bought have been Macs and it's because I'm a huge fan of OS X stability (I reboot once every couple months if that) and the fact that things just work as they should. That said I still own a Windows box and use Windows at work. Disclaimer out of the way then...

To knock Vista is silly. It's a huge improvement over XP in so many ways. I've been running the beta for several months now. The initial experience is underwhelming - it feels like XP service pack 3. BUT, give it time and you find that overall the system is safer, more stable and just dang prettier than XP. Desktop search is hard to live without and the built-in search is better than any 3rd-party solutions under XP. Taskbar previews are great. Aero glass is beautiful - OS X feels ordinary by comparison.

Will Vista make me switch back to Windows? Hell no. OS X is proven and I can't live without Expose. But to say Vista sucks is just nonsense. It's delayed, it doesn't contain everything that they said they would put in when they started out, but it IS a solid release and truly a next-gen Windows.

No wonder they call us Apple fanboys. Be objective please!
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