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The Canon 30D is a great camera.
You'll learn alot as that camera has alot of capabilities and a 'smooth as butter' CMOS sensor.
My only gripe is the 1.6x crop factor.

You retain the look and feel of a lens, meaning a 35 is still a 35, it just has the angle of view of a 50mm.
Thus, forcing you to be further back to frame the same shot, which alters your bokeh as Fstop/distance is what makes your bokeh.
Owning lenses like the 35 1.4L, 85 1.2L, 135 2.0L, I tend to shoot close to wide open, to get the most extreme, smooth bokeh I can.
So, the concentration is truel on the subject, where I want it.

It is a great camera, I would love it if they made the next version (40D) a 1.3x or FF camera though.... it'd be perfect, for a non 1 series body.