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Originally Posted by VanM3Lover View Post
I heard this exact same noise while backing out of the garage a few times when the car was new, haven't heard it since. I figured it's most likely a stone caught near the spray guard as SenorFunkyPants says so I didn't start a thread on this.

Now this might be a little OT, you can skip this if you don't want to read. After turning off the car, there are very light taping noise coming off from the front wheel wells, sounds like tap the rotor with screw driver. But what really gets me worried is that every time after about 30mins, there is a very big popping noise from the right side, sounds like hitting the plastic fender from the inside, anybody know what this might be?
I have experienced these exact same symptoms with my car occasionally since it picked it up in the summer of 2008. Never had it investigated but no control messages have ever come up, nor has the car's performance ever suffered. Given that this appears to be very common with no apparent ill-effects, I assume it is normal and non-problematic.