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i feel i am unbiased yes. of course it is louder then stock that is the whole point bc we want sound. i am talking about drone

i am sensitive to drone, i owned one set up that droned bad once on one of my cars and after that i said i will never have one that drones again bc i can't stand it and in my last 3 M cars i have had the Dinan set ups and have had no drone at all. and people who ride in my car can't believe that there is no drone in the cabin when it sounds that good outside the car, like a ferrari as one person put it. has a nice exotic tone to it and no drone

everyone is different and may hear it different ways, so if you hear drone then i guess you got drone, i just know 99.9% of the people running the Dinan set up never hear drone

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And you think you're unbiased??? . Anyway, you can't argue Dinan (and ALL other aftermarket exhausts) is louder than stock. And drone is basically unwanted cabin noise, which is 100% subjective. If we were to believe owners' accounts, no exhaust drones , which ironically can be true of any system under specific conditions (coasting, high-rpm at low throttle opening, etc). Bottom line is for 'drone sensitive' folks who don't want to risk $500 (approx loss) with a bad purchase, they better hear it under normal driving conditons before buying. My own brother calls himself 'drone sensitive', and the CEC exhaust on his Porsche (advertised as 'no drone') was driving me nuts, but it didn't bother him. I always kept the rpm much higher when I drove, which is not how I'd like to drive my own car all the time. His threshold is simply higher up the dB scale . BUt he hasn't put an aftermarket exhaust on his new Porsche. Maybe he was lying . Good day gang.
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