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Originally Posted by FirstClass View Post
No, he is a pompous ass. Doing community service doesn't automatically make you a good person. He said the following after the loss to the Texans on Christmas Eve.

Yeah, real classy.
no sweat off his back. You take one comment and make him a pompous ass? You just dont like him and dont care to be objective. What he said was right, I hate it when professional athletes/racers ALWAYS say the PC thing...I like to hear a real human give real insight to their feelings. Did anyone disagree on his comments? I doubt it, his defense has never wavered in their support. No point arguing, you can go on hating Manning, but he is a true class act. Lets see what you have accomplished in your community and country to judge Manning for not being classy and not a good hearted individual. Youre in real small company here.