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Originally Posted by ersin View Post
Please consider this thought: That's nice and all but I'd rather see it mount the V1 to the side of the mirror and a little bit higher. The V1 suction cups have never stopped working for me. In fact, they're the best suction cup mount I've encountered. But the suctions cups against the windshield does make it easier for a thief to see it hanging there. Mounting it from the mirror up behind the tint at the top of the window would make it harder to see from the outside.
from what your saying I did the exact same thing on my e93. I WAS going to do the mirror install and all that stuff but the shop I was working with wanted like 3k to do a stealth mirror and put the parts in the headrest etc. so for 0 dollars I mounted it above the mirror on the passenger side and just followed the diy for hardwiring it. its been up there for about 9 months and suction cups havent failed once.