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Originally Posted by JohnnyRoaster View Post
I would seriously consider this exhaust if it worked on a sedan. I think I may have your old winter set up that I bought from Skyline(Oz wheels with winter sports). I searched but could not find pics of how the tips line up on a E90. How does it sound compared to the other Ti exhausts out there?

Sorry to hear you sold the M3. You have been a great asset to this board. You will be missed.
Thanks for the kind words.

My winter setup was 18" Beyern Mesh. I still have the rims. Would you like a second winter setup?

I can't comment on how this sounds compared to other titanium systems as I haven't heard any of them in person.

The tips do seem to stick out a bit too much on a sedan indeed based on the pics posted by Cab5er here:

I suspect one could extend the mounts on the muffler attachment points and take advantage of the adjustibility of the connecting pipe connection, but it probably would not be worth it.

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