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Update: I will not be dyno testing this on Thursday.

I was holding the chargepipe up (admiring it), and noticed some white freckles along the inside of the chargepipe. Confused, I inspected it closer, and noticed light leaking through.

I know it's not 05SCM3's fault, I'm sure he didn't notice. On the contrary, I hope he didn't run this for too long, I know it was on his car until 2-3 days ago. I'd be worried that particles could have gotten into his engine during extended use. I don't even think 05SCM3 could have done this to the chargepipe, unless he intentionally prodded it with a needle a thousand or so times.

The problem is that the clearcoat on this is not very good and has leaks all over, but it's difficult to notice. Unless you're especially picky about clearcoat, I don't think you would even notice regularly. It's "especially bad" along the seam of the chargepipe, but the clearcoat holes are all over the entire body.

I dunno if these holes are big enough to let any significantly damaging particles through to the engine or not, but I just don't feel like taking any risks with my engine. I think I'll get this re-clearcoated first, and then tested properly another time. I'll still go to VF and lay down a baseline dyno, record temps and such, and see if I can get it tested under similar conditions another time.

I might dyno test stock versus BMC filter, maybe, if I get time to do 2 runs. (So far it's 10 cars.)

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