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Any time saftey is the topic, you can bet there will be a heated discussion. I never suggested doing anything wrecklessly. I said I'v USED all types of harness and restraint systems during my 14-years of racing experience. There's a reason why the Schroth DOT harnesses aren't approved by any sanctioning body for competitive driving. Which brings me to this... the OP never did state why he wants a harness, so we've assumed it is for track days. From some of the posts above, it seems that many use a harness for better support (somebody even mentioned a CG-Lock device, which only works on the lap belt).

If I were to "rig" my E92 for a harness, I would fabricate a harness bar to bolt in where the rear seats are installed, using seat mount and/or seat belt mount locations. The bar would be at the proper 20 degrees or less slant from the shoulders, and yes, a "Y" style racing harness will work fine with our seats, in fact, that part isn't much different than the Schroth DOT versions. The fact that our seats recline is not a factor unless you plan to install racing seats... but then where does it end? Are you going to use a HANS device? Are you going to wear fire-retardant racing gear? Are you going to install a roll bar? How about a full roll cage with door bars and roll bar padding? If so, will you build it to FIA specs? How safe do you want to be?
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