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Envy Chargepipe

EDIT: Delayed. (Stated reason below)

Just wanted people to know that I got my Envy chargepipe in the mail just now. Thanks to 05SCM3 for a painless transaction. It's hard to resist the urge to pop this on right now....but I'm HOPING to go to VF-Engineering tomorrow to dyno the thing, if my schedule permits.

If I remember correctly, Technocraft's claims were of 14 horsepower with the inclusion of a BMC air filter. I have had a BMC air filter for a while, and while I haven't had the opportunity to dyno-test the filter alone, my undependable, completely un-scientific, debate-worthless butt-dyno has told me that the filter was worth something.

I'm simply looking to test for one thing at this moment. BMC air filter aside, how much gains can one expect from just the chargepipe? I plan to dyno once (3 pulls) with my current set-up (BMC Air filter) install the chargepipe, and then dyno once more.

To be honest, I'm somewhat skeptical about the power gain claims. But this isn't meant to bash Technocraft in any way: I'm just skeptical about any claims from any company. I will admit though, it's very light, and it looks gorgeous.

Hopefully I'm free tomorrow , and we can find out just what this is worth.

Oh, and if I'm wasting my time and someone has already done this, let me know now so I don't do it. I haven't been on the forum as much lately, so I probably missed it if it's been done already.

Also, here's some crappy iPhone pictures for the picture people.

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