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Originally Posted by turkish335 View Post
hey Max, how are you not subject to fees while immigrating into Canada? I ask because my brother, who recently moved back to Toronto from the US is going through the same process, but is under the impression he has to pay the import fees... thanks
If you are landing as a permanent resident or citizen for the first time, you do not pay any duties or taxes on anything you bring with you, as long as it is legal in Canada and you owned it for over a year before moving. I believe it is similar for returning residents, but there are more requirements in terms of how long you had to be away etc. I am not 100% sure about returning residents though.

Anyway, you can call Customs regarding GST and the duty, and Revenue Ontario regarding PST, and check with them - they are very easy to deal with and know the answers. One warning though - people in the registration office (not sure how it is called - like DMV in the US), are not as knowledgeable and may try to charge you something you do not owe. I had to call Revenue Ontario and give my phone to the clerk so that they could explain her why I did not need to pay PST.