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Originally Posted by leocdmg View Post
True story sir, It just upsets me how people speak with such ignorance about a subject they hardly know about. I dont go into the tech posts and tell people how to make a turbo out of a solo cup two paper clips and a snorkel!
Well, again, there are many out there giving the BB community a bad rap. As you may know, there is always a good side and a bad side to everything. In general, steroids have been misunderstood from day 1; it is because of the lack of understanding that they became illegal. However, we all know that steroids are involved in almost every professional sport in the world and not just BB.

It is almost impossible to compete at any level (amateur or above) without the help of steroids simply because those who you compete against are using; I tried for many years and was always out placed simply because I wasn't able to get the level of detailed definition around my abdominals than those who were juicing...however, I was blessed with rapid muscle growth naturally so mass wasn't really an issue; I just competed in a lighter class.

Once I became exposed to the steroid community, I quickly realized how complex it really was.

Another misconception is that juicing automatically makes you bigger without any real know that is not true. If anything, you need to work harder!