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Originally Posted by leocdmg View Post
See i would disagree on that one. Having been around the colleigte sports word where anabolics is common belive it or not. The dosing is what it should be. Here is where the controversy lies. Most people see these huge monsterous guys who some go over what they should and that leads to horrible side effects and such. ( see the Chris Benoit story). Steroids juice gear whatever you want to call it is just the production of hormones that are already in your system. Heres a quiz can you tell me who is using.

Answer is both just one is and idiot whos bicep ended up exploding.

Disclaimer: I in no way shape or form advocating or giving any medical advice. Please take any talk to a medical provider these staements are for entertainment only.
There are extremes to everything! A poorly educated user will possibly hurt themselves or suffer from long term effects. However, if one had quality, pharmaceutical grade substances with the guidance of a professional, the side effect may be trivial.

BTW, that guy injected some type of synthetic into his Biceps and ended up getting an infection (hard part of the bicep muscle removed)....I forget his name.