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Originally Posted by hammbone50 View Post
Jatt, you suggest doing this rather then walking in to the dealerships and haggling price with them? Figured face to face lets them know you are serious, however I never even thoughts about just faxing the paperwork and saving some time heading out to the dealerships themselves.
This is definitely the way to go to get the best price. If he has to spend time with you on test drives, haggling etc. he will naturally want more money. If you do it electronically he wastes the least amount of resources on you, so he might be inclined to give you a better price.

The other aspect is that if he knows you are soliciting quotes from several dealers, he will try to be competitive.

And the final aspect is that some people are just not good negotiators, especially when faced with a seasoned salesman. I am such an example, I tend to not do well in face to face negotiations. So I prefer the telephone and email negotiations...