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Originally Posted by hayjoelb View Post
he'll probably have no 'side affects' if he runs a moderate cycle. pct is a must no matter what you do.

not exactly CAN buy and use legally just find an anti aging doctor in your area or online. then get specific blood work for your test levels. after that you'll get hooked up with a prescription FROM a doctor and they'll provide you with materials that meet your needs or end results. i normally just run test now because it's the best bang for the buck, but a 6 month supply (2 cycles) of enanthate and clomid runs me about 800 bucks. considering how much i'd be spending on shit like no explode, superpump, or other supplements, it's not that bad.
Wow. really? If you can get it through a legit pharmacy under the supervision of a doctor, then it is whole other ball of wax.

However, considering the OPs buddy was cycling Winny and dbol, he may not have a professional guiding him, which, can be dangerous.