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Maybe what I should have asked is do you think octane boosters actually raise the RON as this test suggests?
The one I would like feedback on is Liqui Moly as oer attached picture:

Octane Plus is designed to improve gasoline engine operation in areas where the octane rating (RON) is too low and causes engine knock, pinging, overheating and other problems associated with lowoctane gasoline. Raises the octane rating by up to 4 points. Contains no lead or other metallic-compounds that could harm catalytic converters.
Intended use
As additive treatment for all gasoline powered cars to increase performance and reduce problems of low-octane fuels. One can treats up to 50 l of fuel.

They also have a product called Speed Tec which claims the follwing:
Increases combustion intensity
Cleans entire injection system
Promotes optimum power & performance
Instant acceleration boost
Engine starts easier and runs smoother
Reduces non-combusted residual fuel
Liqui-Moly Speed Tec is a high performance fuel additive that significantly improves acceleration and throttle response by increasing combustion intensity. It’s far more than an octane booster, think of it as an energy drink for your engine – extra boost when you need it.
Ideal for track days and during conditions of high engine loads.

Its made in Germany and is TUV approved etc, so it cant be shit?
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