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Originally Posted by adc View Post
If you head over to, they have a very good Euro Delivery forum with a sticky that lists recommended dealers.

In MD, I have done 3 ED's so far with Joern Esser at Passport BMW, he is a native of Munich and one of the top ED specialists on the East Coast. Just search his name in that ED forum I've mentioned.

He's easy to work with and will take care of you all the way. There's also a very good chance he'll give you a good price right from the get-go - if you call him, tell him Andrei said hi. There is no need to meet with him, just negotiate over the phone and he'll fedex you all the paperwork.

As far as Euro Delivery is concerned, the experience is really mind blowing - and the savings doesn't hurt either. With the ED discount, BMW essentially picks up your airfare and the vacation/hotel tab for about a week (and Lufthansa has ED special deal where you buy 1 ticket and get the 2nd one free).

If you want, I can dig up the link to my ED post, I had a blast last summer (did the Ring, some of the big Alpine passes, southern France and Spain).
If you could PM me that link that would be great, thank you so much! The hard part for me right now is putting together an schedule that wont make us feel rushed while we are over there... dont know how many days to stay in each place. Likely we will have only a week and I want to do some non-car things so my wife will enjoy the trip as well. (but the Welt, Ring, Porsche museum are high on my list!)