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Originally Posted by Fen335i View Post
is the fact that it doesn't drone.
The right way to phrase that is: 'it drones the least' . EVERY aftermarket exhaust will drone. How much? Depends on your definition of drone and how loud the exhaust is. He's not the first to say Dinan drones, but it's pretty well known it's one of the systems that drones the least. And/or has the least increase in cabin noise over stock. Again, all such systems will be louder inside; whether it's classified as drone or not depends on your definition of drone, noise tolerance, how you drive (stereo blasting, etc), and so on. Most folks want to describe their exhaust as the noisiest outside but 'no drone' .

Since I'm so sensitive to drone (believe me, I know what it is), I decided to stay stock, and just painted the muffler black. Didn't want to buy blindly again, since every single time I've ended up selling my exhausts at a big loss. Good luck.