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Originally Posted by DimSum
I'll take a Zonda F over any of these no name brand cars. Zenvo Automotive only has started this project back in 2004... Not much history or creditentials.

Originally Posted by topgear
So really, the Zenvo should suck. That it doesn't is down to the ingenuity of co-founders Jesper Jensen, Troels Vollertsen and Lasse Stenkilde. Vollertsen is the engineering brains of the operation, a motorsport specialist with a track record in saloon car racing, rallying and rallycross. He's also a tuner with a strong reputation and client base in the Middle East. Jensen is an IT genius and entrepreneur, who sold his company at the right time and made some money. Vollertsen had already squeezed 640bhp from Jensen's AMG Merc CLS 55, and went to work persuading him to collaborate on his dream of building a sports car.
More pics... Should be on topgear sometime soon considering stig drove it ~