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Can someone explain Gintani dyno's

I am confused now looking at dyno's done at Gintani. Why are the axis point where tq meets hp differ from run to run? Why are they not intersecting at 5252 rpm? If they have dyno'd many different M3s why can't they have a consistent scale to use all the time?

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Bone stock run, notice how its at 5252

Rpi Scoops, Fully catless Stock exhaust, Powerchip Stage 1, RD Sport Pulley

Rpi Scoops, Macht Schnell Air Filter, No cat stock X-pipe, RD SPort Pulley ,Gintani Rear section.

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Stock run Axis point is at approx 5700

After envy intake, note that after they leaned it out the axis point is shifting back from 6100 to 5800

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Finally this one, notice this was on the same exact day but couple hours apart yet the axis point is way off.