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DDM + EuroDyne Grand Opening

Hello M-thusiasts! Went to this event and had a good time catching up with some peeps. As always I brought my camera. Enjoy.

Brian Kim was nice enough to pick me up as I was still detailing my car. It took 3 days to finally finish. Your car's looking good Brian!

The typical Best Buy Parking lot caravan point for South OC.

Took some rollings of everyone there.

Arrived at DDM. Thomas' supercharger installed.

Stop what you're doing, the YFC has arrived. (Yellow Fog Crew)

This guy kept backing in and out and his bumper went sccccRrraape each time. Not sure if that big ass crack was there before or after.

Call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bed rock..[bumping, filling up the entire parking lot]..
Loud, Clean, Solid bass... Who needs the DJ?

Birthday boy's new ride transformation.

Inside the shop.

Harris' whip.

These guys/gals had a studio shoot in the back for paying customers.

No comment.

Red Bull gives you wings.. these ladies give you free Red Bull.

No comment.

Ok the wide angle isn't working too well for this Z4. You can see a pro photographer in the reflection though. Red Bull on his bag.

Black and white for a camera that was loaded with black and white film.

New website..

Ok Finally .. some women! I could only take side shots as they were being directed by another photographer. I cropped him out

Sorry Ms. Allison, you weren't in the right pose in most of the photos I got!

Two buds who rolled up together.

Some of the Status boys.

Our lens paths were destined to cross.

Food line.

Raffle time.

Not sure what happened. He managed to drive half his car up onto the grass. Another guy had to hold half his bumper up while he drove it into the lot.

Winner..'s not Thomas?

"Rub your face in them" - random shout from the crowd.

Kerbee, the studio shoot model.

And finally, a rear end to put a close to this gallery.

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