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Originally Posted by SUB-ZERO View Post
He may experience increased acne and mood swings. He needs to take Clomid to combat the estrogen production associated when having too much testosterone in the body; if not, he may get "Bitch Tits". He needs to cycle in a pyramid fashion..tapering off at the end of the cycle. He shouldn't cycle for more than 3 months at a time.
he'll probably have no 'side affects' if he runs a moderate cycle. pct is a must no matter what you do.

Originally Posted by SUB-ZERO View Post
1. Very expensive in the US

2. Buying in the black market can be dangerous because of the many counterfeit roids out there that can actually kill you

3. It is VERY illegal and in my opinion, not worth losing your career or life for it.

4. Results are only temporary. Just work out hard and take good supplements.
not exactly CAN buy and use legally just find an anti aging doctor in your area or online. then get specific blood work for your test levels. after that you'll get hooked up with a prescription FROM a doctor and they'll provide you with materials that meet your needs or end results. i normally just run test now because it's the best bang for the buck, but a 6 month supply (2 cycles) of enanthate and clomid runs me about 800 bucks. considering how much i'd be spending on shit like no explode, superpump, or other supplements, it's not that bad.