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Originally Posted by JC919 View Post
Mike, good to see you on this forum as well. Hopefully someone here can help you get these issues resolved. Post up some pics of the car whenever you get everything installed.
Thanks JC. I'll do that! As soon as everything is on I will post a couple photos.

Originally Posted by bunnn View Post
hey after 2 days of driving, I didn't really have marks on the charge pipe, only the front scoops ...i do eventually want to remove a few of the plaques, there's bit too many for my taste

in regards to the non-flexible pipe, i'm not too worried unless someone proves it's detrimental to the engine... i'm using the generic electrical tape solution atm...also I'm not really understanding how the engine movement is affecting anything(my mechanical knowledge is limited)

although originally I was hoping the enlarged manifold would address this issue..
Thanks for the feedback bunnn. Very much appreciated.

Still curious about the engine movement. Just for peace of mind.

Originally Posted by Maseroche View Post
Was waiting for you to show up here! 03-turbo911

Hope you can resolve it because it looks like a good product!
Hi K! Thanks. It definitely makes the engine look a bit more special.

This is the best place (without the douchebag factor) on the net for E92/E90 M3's