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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
Hey thanks, you're one of my "mod" idols, you just don't stop....and I love it!!! But don't feel bad about the Merino leather (although it would have looked absolutely killer with your BW). Absolutely no M3 ANYWHERE can be equiped with Merino leather because it's never been certified (i.e. crash tested to see how it reacts with the airbags and differing build materials used in the M3 versus a regular 3 series car. Strange but true. Like you, I tried. Thankfully BMW finally decided to tan their novillo hides in a handful of Individual colors but Syrah
I'm happy to inspire and I just keep trying to keep it new and fresh. It is very difficult to be unique these days, but there are just some things most are afraid to try. Just go for it and my your ride your own! You can't please everyone, but most all will appreciate your efforts!

Yeah, that is bummer about the Syrah Merino, I was drooling over the color combo when I found it! I wanted it so bad I contacted someone local to AZ to try to switch out the entire interior. That was way over the top and the S/C was a better choice anyway! HA!

Your new ride is going to turn out very nice and I can't wait to see some real high res pics! What plans do you have for it at IND? PM me and we can fire out some ideas!
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