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I actually think you can look up the warranty of habitability rights at city hall or possibly even online. The warranty of habitability is essentially universal throughout the US and has become the standard, although it differs state to state. b/c you are moving into a building owned by someone else, there are certain rights that you have, which require the owner to keep the building up to a certain standard. If that standard is not met, then you have the right to get the owner of the building to fix those problems, or deduct from lets say the monthly fees you pay to maintain the overall building (aka rent abatement). (This is separate from your purchase & sales agreement, but might be notated in the agreement). Warranty of habitability rights are usually statutory rights (meaning these rights are adopted from the legislature). B/c you are purchasing the APT it is less likely to have much affect.

One final note is to make sure there are no EXTREME easements or covenants to your property that you would not like giving access to. (Easements are right of ways that exist to your property for others. Covenants are promises that can run w/ the land and also give rights to your property to others. (Ex.) The building allows an easement w/ the cable/Phone service companies to run lines throughout the building. That is a commercial easement example. What I am telling you to watch out for are easements or covenants that gives right of access to your apt. that you or most people would dislike. I highly doubt you would have any problems since you are buying a nice place in NY, but it doesn't hurt to double check. Anyway hope this helps.

*Remember* --> I am NOT a lawyer. Good Luck!

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