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Euro Delivery Dealership Suggestion Help

I just can't seem to find the M3 I want with the options I want on a dealership lot. With that being said I am considerng ED. I have done a few hours of research and it looks like alot goes into planning the trip. My first steps would be a dealership.

I need to find a good dealer around Delaware/PA to do ED with. I have read about and to speak to David but the link is dead and can't seem to find any more info. I would like to get it from a local dealer if possible, but sound like its not really necessary, can I get some thoughts on the matter? Anyone deal with Ottos in West Chester PA or Union Park in Wilimington Delaware? Anyone use a CA at either one of those locations for ED?

Also can anyone tell me what East Coast prices have been for ED? Invoice, $500 over Euro invoice? I need to know what I should be expecting the dealership to do on the price.

As always thanks guys!