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Vanguard Titanium Exhaust FTW! review, pics and more

I know there are a ton of reviews of this exhaust on the forum, but I felt like I really had to contribute my own 2cents. I was in a dilemma for quite a while in making a decision for what exhaust I wanted for my m3. I finally came down to the decision on choosing the Vanguard-Performance exhaust system. My decision was based purely on feedback reviewed on this forum.....Thanks guys!

I received the exhaust in no time at all. The shipping was quick and the exhaust was packed with safety in mind! The box had everything needed for install and was surprisingly light and couldn't wait to install it.

The install was super easy. I opted to perform the installation myself bc I read how easy it was to do. The fact that the exhaust is so light, made installation much easier than expected. Its as simple as a 'take off n put on" install (as is everything else...but really it was easy). All the clamps are high quality units and the weld on the exhaust itself are just beautiful. I opted to go for silver tips but a burnt tip is also available.

The start up. After checking over the installation, I went to start the car. It started up with a very nice growl!!! I couldn't wait to get this car on the street. The exhaust tone is tasteful without too much noise. It is perfect for a daily driver in my opinion. After a nice warm up, I took it out on the street. Now, let me first say that I was skeptical of some of the dyno claims on this rear section exhaust. But after taking it on the street, I could definitely feel the high end power and felt more free-revving than ever. The sounds this exhaust makes up top was like music! I took the car on the freeway. I was concerned with droning.....something that any exhaust can do. To my surprise it was very minimal especially since I have DCT and RPM's can fall in that 'drone-able' range. I decided to take the M passed a few exits to get into turns. This is really where the exhaust came to life. The high RPM range, free revving feel and power in the top end really made it a new experience when doing some spirited drives in the canyons.

All in all, the exhaust was well worth it. The install was easy and it sure saves a ton of weight....something any m3 could use imo.

** I've been meaning to write up a review on this exhaust for quite some time now. I've had it on the car for about 3-4 weeks now and I have to say I get many comments (all good) about the exhaust. It still sounds great. I am even thinking of getting some hfc's and x pipes for it as well. I wasn't able to document a pictorial of the install but here are a few pics of the system for now.

More pics and video to come...hopefully this weekend!

Stay tuned

Thanks Vanguard!!!

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