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I have to take my hats off to the Canadian team. That's definitely one of the best rosters ever assembled for international play, and they won in spite of the fact that their goalie was above-average by NHL standards, and didn't really bring his A-game at that.

I'll tell you what though, I'm really pissed about this Sidney Crysby bullshit. One of the commentators (can't remember who) called him "the Wayne Gretzky of the 21st century".... Are you fucking kidding me???? He's not even the best forward on his team in the NHL and you're trying to compare him to Wayne Gretzky still? The guy is obviously either an underachiever or over-hyped. He's good, maybe even great, but I'm tired of this shameless promotion of this guy. If I was a Canadian, I'd be pissed as hell.... Comparing him to Gretzky.... Have people already forgotten the things he did while he still wore a uniform????

Honestly, I rather would have lost in regulation as opposed to letting him score the winning goal in overtime. That just pissed me off so bad. Nothing about losing to Canada makes me bitter; it's the fact that that douche bag got the winning goal, in overtime, in the gold medal game of the Olympics, in his home country.... As much as I think Getzlaf can be a dirty player, I much rather would have seen him or Perry score, as they worked their asses off, as did many others on that team, and overachieved even though they didn't even have to try in order to walk through that tournament... NOT some underachieving, over-hyped BUTTman poster child. Fuck it pisses me off....

Also, I bet Mike Babcock was salivating during the third intermission. Any Red Wings fan, let alone coach, knows that Rafalski on the ice during 4 on 4 play against a more talented team in overtime = LOSS. No excuse for that.

BTW, Ryan Miller is beast. I remember getting tired of that asshole owning us (UofM) when he was at State.