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im not into that...i like having the competition of biglaire and eugene...all running similar boost 5.5-6.0 im gona try and get the best times at these levels...i just need new tires asap...and ive had the vbox n my car for a week havent done any runs...was around 130am last night driving and said to myself why not try a 3rd gear run, and the place seemed like it had a minimal files to drew

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As long as the results aren't manipulated, I don't think anybody will ever call it BS, and I believe you're not the type of guy to manipulate results. The only way you'll get into trouble (called BS) is if you start doing things to manipulate the results, such as change tire compounds, increase your boost, change to race gas, go out of your way to find the perfect -3% downhill grade, or make a comparison between 6MT and DCT without mentioning the 1.1 second DCT advantage. Those are the types of things that people will point to and say BS and could possibly lead to one of those big contentious forum debates.

Use Larry's 60-130 example. List everything about the car that you can think of -- including the 20" wheels and stock rubber if that's what you've got (that's what Larry had).

Check with Drew, I think he should be able to generate the graphs for you. If Drew, or anybody else in your area can't help, you can send me the files and I'll generate the graphs for you. Just let me know.
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