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Tecnocraft Envy system installed. Problem and general question

Hi guys,

I installed my Tecnocraft Envy system I received from a forum member this week. (Thanks! You know who you are )

Love the feel and slight change of sound in my car. I did however, encounter a small problem.

The plaque on the charge pipe is rubbing a tiny bit on the underside of my bonnet. The one little bolt on the right side that holds the plaque in place is also rubbing.

The section on the top side (above the cross member) where it bends down, of the Ram Air Scoop is also rubbing a TINY TINY bit on the underside of the bonnet. Is this normal? If not, how do I fix it?

My general question is:
The engine obviously moves a tiny bit when under full throttle. How does the charge pipe allow for flex like the OEM rubber part did?

I'll get pics up as soon as I can.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.