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SOS and Bluetooth are dead as the Bush Admin....

For a year I have been without my bluetooth and have the SOS warning indicator every time I start the vehicle. When it first happened BMW said it was a connection problem from satellite being unable to locate my car. It would connect after about 45 minutes of driving. Now it never connects and no bluetooth ability. The dealer told me they may have to take out the dash just to figure the problem and check 100 computer systems. It's the phone control module I think that is dead. Anyone have this issue? Resolution? Is it possible that I have to pay for the bmw assist for any of this to work. Any help would be great. Can't take the dash apart for that, or the airbag indent...too many squeaks now, it would be a nightmare I feel. In LA they treat 1 drivers at bmw like 2nd class. The rep was very cordial until he found out it was a 1. Then he became a bit hostile and that I would need to leave it for at least 2 days to diagnose, no loner, take it or leave it. I should have said I had a M6 and maybe he would have been polite.