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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Where are they?
Other than the 500+ rounds filled with sarin and mustard, they were either destroyed without the required supervision, moved, or hidden.

More than enough clear reports came that Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism before the war. Remember...we "invented" the Taliban, Osama, etc... We supported those terrorists against USSR.
If you believe Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism before the invasion than you are either ignorant or naive. In addition to the bounty payments of $25,000 for Palestinian suicide bombers, Iraq provided safe haven for such notable terrorists as Abu Nidal, Abu Abbas, Abdul Rahman Yasin, and lets's not forget Abu Musab al Zarqawi fled to Iraq from Afghanistan before the invasion.

Your assertion that we invented the Taliban and Bin Laden is fiction. The Taliban did not exist until long after the Soviets left Afghanistan and the USSR ceased to exist. Bin Laden was not a member of an American supported faction in the Afghan war against the Soviets, he did not need US money and was attempting to lure others off of US support in return for his financial support.

Compensate them with what. Supposedly, they were given food enough to survive for oil...compensate them for what??? Who is going to compensate Serbia, Sudan, andothers for our little experiments???
Compensate them for the damage they did in what the UN determined was an illegitimate act of aggression against a member state. If the other incidents you refer to are similarly adjudicated, we can talk.

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