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Originally Posted by Oshin02 View Post
Luma Is A Replica Of The Revinora Lip!
No...sorry it is the other way around, just wanted to clerify.

I worked personally with Luma to create this mold back in 2008. I still have the original sample lip before it went into production and the original CAD file.

Also here is our link selling the Luma lip on

I have not seen a Revinora lip advertised prior to this.

If it was a replica, I would let our customers know. Just like how we carry vrs and ac reps. We believe in honesty and great customer service with products delivered as promised.

As a long time vendor on this forum, this will be my last comment on this issue.

Thank you and have a good day!


p.s. On a side note, Thanks to the OP for creating such an informative thread!