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Originally Posted by Jaws View Post
I don't know how long Quebec can hold on to some of it's traditions and hope to remain competitive (I'm a Quebec ex-pat BTW). It wold kill me to pay Quebec taxes. In Alberta, on the other hand, I think the pendulum has swung too far to the right when it comes to energy deregulation. When it comes to utilities there really is no such thing as a truly competitive market. Is the competitor going to run parrell gas lines or hydro lines? The provincial gov't has opened up "competition" in these industries, but it has just served too boost my energy bills. I don't give a shit from whom I buy my energy. One electron is the same as the next.

It kills me when some Americans (or Ontarians for that matter ) start a sentence with "In Canada..." like we are a homogeneous entity.
It's called personal income f&8*%6 taxes Our corporate tax rates are actually lower than most US States (certainly the Eastern seaboard). OUr personal Provincial rates are comparatively high, and the cost of full time employees for a company is a little higher(the payments and contributions made by a company to the government) (though not as much higher as one would think at first glance).

Of course we do not believe in competition so our electricity and natural gas are provided by government monopolies and despite recent fee increases we pay amongst the lowest electricity rates in North America .................................................. .(now I am a die-hard capitalist; there is something wrong with that statement, I wonder why the higher Alberta competition results in higher prices for them, not lower )
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