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Actually, I did not say anything about the 1991 war -- I think it was more justified than this one. As for this one -- 34 countries may have gone in -- most of them because they had to, otherwise... In the end, again it is the Brits and us. So, yes, we pretty much went alone in there. Just do the simple math -- 34 countries is ~15% of the UN. 3000 soldiers from 34 countries compared to 180k from US + UK is <2%...
Here is your statement from a few posts back, "That one definitely not perceived to be effective otherwise all nations that signed it would agree with this Iraqi war -- not only the uSA and UK" where you say that if UN Resolution 678 had been in effect in 2003 as well as in 1991, more nations would have supported the war. The fact is more nations contributed forces in 2003 than in 1991.

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