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Originally Posted by krieg View Post
I also had a hard time getting mine removed because I was very worried about damaging the paint. However I found a nice trick to get the removal started that will save people from denting or chipping the fender paint.

I made a loop of fishing line and stuffed it in around the rear end of the gill using a toothpick. You may need to work the fishing line back and forth a little to get it behind the gill. Next attach the loop to a carabiner or something similar that you can pull on with some force. Then pull out the end of the gill to a point where you can fit a screw driver in behind and work the gill the rest of the way out.

I used 25 lb fishing line. If the line consistently breaks you may need to use additional loops or stronger line. For multiple loops make sure the loops are the same size so you're pulling evenly on them. Mine required one loop for the left side and two for the right.

I also found one of my M stickers was a little too long mostly because of the metal foil on the back side. I took care of that with a file. The only problem I had was when test fitting the long sticker I chipped off a small bit of paint along the inside edge of the sticker recess . Hopefully some touch-up paint will make it unnoticeable. So be careful when test fitting if you have painted gills!

finally got those bastards out. this tip did the trick, although it took me several tries because the fishing line keep breaking. thanks for all the tips.