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Originally Posted by twinturbo335 View Post
auto or manual?

I wouldn't doubt it since your car isn't stock.

Comparing a modded car vs a stock car is useless..
yeah well of course stock 328 vs stock g wouldnt stay together...i was comparing my bms chip + intake + scoops vs a stock G and one with straight pipes..whatever ..i really dont wanna argue on here ..untill i make some videos talking is useless im not tryin to show off with my 328 or nothing like i said im planning on getting into a 135 or 335 soon .. i made the whole thread just to kind of say how i was suprised of G35 coupe's power like i guess i overrated it thats all..ive actually thought of getting a G or a 350Z n doin major work to it im not tryin to put it down
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