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Originally Posted by M3 vert View Post
I already gave you my honest opinion on this in the past!

The 745's all of them from 02-05 had major engine problems, electrical, tranny issues! Not just me but various friends and family I know went through this!
We had a 2002 745Li, that spent over 80% of its time in the workshop, with the engine, tranny, Differential, Suspension, Electrical Components all being changed on thar car. I sold that years ago, as I couldnt imagine the horror of owning the 745 after warranty ended!
The 760 has been really good to me so far (knocks on wood )
Why do you think BMW extended the factory warranty on 2002/2003 7 series? To retain customer loyalty, because of the problems with the V8s!

I would never touch a preowned 745 without warranty, despite the warranty I would chose the 06-750 or go for the 760 as its a V12, different car, engine from the 745.
Similar experience! I would look at the LCIs