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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post

What is your magic number? Thirty-four nations contributed to the first Gulf war. Was that a unilateral US action as well? What about the Korean War, it had troops from 15 nations other than the US and ROK?

This is another example of your inability to think rationally about this subject. You continuously claim the US "went it alone" in Iraq when the facts clearly show otherwise.
Actually, I did not say anything about the 1991 war -- I think it was more justified than this one. As for this one -- 34 countries may have gone in -- most of them because they had to, otherwise... In the end, again it is the Brits and us. So, yes, we pretty much went alone in there. Just do the simple math -- 34 countries is ~15% of the UN. 3000 soldiers from 34 countries compared to 180k from US + UK is <2%...

In 1991 Saddam attacked a small difensless country that asked for our help. This time, he kept his own country under control...I guess we did not like that, and we made it "better".

BTW, our military is the DEFENSE of our country. What does the war in Iraq have to do with the word "defense"?