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Originally Posted by whathappened View Post
Senator Byrd does not hold veto power over the Senate, House, and President of the United States. By definition, 50+ Senators, the majority of Representatives, and the President of the United States REPEATEDLY agreed that reconciliation was the appropriate tool for health care issues. The proof is in the results of what has already been passed.

I have the majority of Senators, Representatives, and the Executive Branch on my side who have ALREADY DONE what you say can't be done. I'll put the winning majority up against whoever you want to put up any day. Since my side has already won this debate, and have the health care legislation already on the books to prove it, you are dead in the water.
Comprehensive health reform legislation has not been passed using reconciliation but only specific, limited changes that comply with the reconciliation rules.

Every single provision in the bill needs to meet the qualifications laid out in the Byrd rules and a comprehensive bill such as being discussed does not.

The point is more than likely moot as it looks as though there are not enough votes in the House to pass the Senate bill anyway.