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Originally Posted by Robwe46m3 View Post
Why does anybody buy this garbage? Do you know where this product is even made? It is made in some unknown factory and sold as either vanguard or Vorsteiner Ti. I've seen this tin can in person and it is not worth of going on an M3. If money is an issue get something like Gintani. If you want titanium get Akrapovic. Akra makes you want to toss Vanguard in the trash!
And this is coming from a guy who requested Jeremy@fabspeed to give him special offer on the fabspeed x-pipe and hfc in return for videos and sound clip, and end up selling both his vanguard and fabspeed without making any video or sound clips like promised!!! You could have given that deal to others if you're unsure about it in the first place.

Plus, most people buy an exhaust mostly for sound. So as long as people are happy with the sound this exhaust makes, it is definitely not GARBAGE.
This exhaust may be thin, but the quality of the build is good.

Yes the akra definitely look of higher quality, but some people feel it is too quiet although it has a nice tone to it.

Another thing, this exhaust is definitely not the same as Vorsteiner Ti, the vanguard has 2 canister and vorsteiner only has 1.

To each their own man, don't trash something you don't like