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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
As far as my understanding of how the computer works in this car, this info is not true. (most of which is coming from info from Lemans_Blue_M) If I understand correct you set a range of target values for this car and the ECU constantly makes adjustments to stay with in the range.?.? (half question half statement here, anyone else please chime in). You can set different values for certain mods, but they will not be different from car to car... every car with x-pipe will be the same, there's not special tune from one car to the next. This info also makes sense with statements given to me by sponsors on this site doing ECU tunes, they started with one car on the dyno, and once they figured out how to make power it's just the same for every other car with those mods. (specifically put in those words from a tuner on this site).

Anyone have different info?
yes this is correct, there is no such thing as a "custom" tune Lemans stated this perfectly forgot which thread it was in...