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Originally Posted by drvai View Post
Regarding this post (that was closed and censored)

I wanted to say that censoring the post is really not the solution. You see all kind of irresponsible people in this forum and deleting those kind of posts really won't make a difference. The forum is full of this type of posts that "would promote irresponsible behavior" and that includes smilies.
I understand your concerns. However, I disagree that we should allow this kind of posts and I'm surprised that you feel like the forum is full of such content. It's not my impression that there are many posts existing that promote irresponsible driving behaviour.

This being said, I'm aware that there might be some borderline inappropriate postings that didn't get or haven't been deleted yet. This is because it's sometimes hard to draw the line. Doing 285 kph during a raining night on a limited highway most certainly isn't such a case.

Finally, I'd like to encourage you and everybody else to report any posts you consider to be promoting such irresponsible behaviour to us. You could use the report button or send me or the other moderators a PM. Your help bringing such content to our attention would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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