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Originally Posted by Trpltrbl View Post
I am a German car lover, always been stuck between Audi and BMW.
It's going to be a long time before the Japanese cars will get the level of engineering that the Germans do.
Want style, go Italian.
Want to be a streetracer with years of mods to instal, go Japanese.
To each their own.
But it is still a big step up from US cars.
Never understood why someone would spend 70K+ on a 2007 Z06, that has the same interieur as a cavalier (in 1990)
If you think that the interior on the Z06 is the same as a 1990 Cavalier, you clearly haven't seen one. With that being said I don't disagree with you that the interior is far below a BMW or Audi, but just as BMW owners and Audi owners are looking for a top notch interior, Corvette buyers don't give a hoot, so why should Chevy bother? I'm guessing that you're going to say 'to find more buyers' but the bottom line is that the people who complain about the cheap interior bits would just find something else to complain about.

To answer your question, it's simple, the Z06 provides 911TT performance at basically half the price, all while maintiang a modicum of luxury features (key less start/entry, navigation, heated seats, power everything). Many of them wonder why anyone would spend 70k more to get a nicer interior. It's all about perspective.

The Corvette is an awesome car, it's not without it's cons, but the the M3/RS4 have cons as well, just different ones. Some people are willing to live with some, some are willing to live with others.