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Anyone can easily find tons of contradictory pro-nuke option Republican statements from the same time period that contradict all the anti-nuke option stuff the Republicans are saying now too. Anyone can also find plenty of instances where Repubs used reconciliation to pass big bills too. Like the Bush tax cuts, for example.

So if you want to use this issue to play a tit-for-tat Republican vs. Democrat game in an attempt to score some political points, you are just going to make yourself look silly. Both parties have been on both sides of this issue, and all of them have made contradictory statements. It is minus 1 point for both sides.

What is of real interest is then HUGE increase in the use of the Filibuster from then to now. There has been a full order of magnitude increase between the number of filibusters the Democrats ran per year, vs the number the Republicans have run. While the number of times the Democrats have used reconciliation to maneuver around filibusters is way less. It's about time the Democratic Senators got some balls and use reconciliation the same way the Republicans did. It's the time-honored check-and-balance to the filibuster power, used plenty of times by Republicans. Our system of gov't is designed around checks-and-balances, and NO power (including the filibuster) is without these checks-and-balances. Reconciliation is the correct check/balance to handle this, and the full nuke option isn't needed at all.

Anyone who complains about reconciliation being used will be hypocrites unless they also condemn all the times the Republican party used it over the last decade.

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