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Originally Posted by MMMorish View Post
The Gintani, Meisterschaft, and the Eisenmann are all great exhausts for this car. Of the three, sound wise I'd go Meisterschaft or Eisenmann. Gintani sounds to thick and almost American V8-ish, IMO. The Meisterschaft and the Eisenmann sound almost alike, with the Meisterschaft leaning more towards the exotic end of the spectrum. For me, I went with the Meisterschaft GT and when I have it on, I'll make a full review and videos.
You need to hear the exhaust in person, the videos dont do it justice. I have the full race and I wouldnt say it sounds exotic but it def. doesnt sound like an american V8. It has its own disticnt sound, very different and mean sounding. The pitch changes through out the power band. I think the best way to describe it is by saying what an R8 owner told me once, It sounds like if Ferrari and Nascar had a baby, thats what it would sound like.